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Committees of Board of Directors

There are three permanent committees of Rosneft Board of Directors (the Audit Committee, the HR and Remuneration Committee, and the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee1) established in June 2006 in accordance with the Company’s internal documents. The Committees comprise non-executive members of Rosneft Board of Directors. Audit Committee, the HR and Remuneration Committee are headed by independent directors. Independent directors are also members of each committee.

The Board’s Committees are responsible for preliminary consideration of the most important matters within the Board’s authority and preparation of respective recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Work by the Committees is in accordance with approved plans and with tasks set by the Board of Directors for the period of authority of the Committees.

In 2020-2021 corporate year, Rosneft Board of Directors gave a positive assessment to the activities of the Company’s BoD Committees (Minutes No. 28 dated May 31, 2021). In compliance with Regulation of Rosneft Oil Company On Rosneft Board Committees every Committee annually presents to the Board of Directors a report on the implementation of its responsibilities.

The internal documents regulating corporate governance issue and procedures of establishment and operations of the Committees of the Board of Directors:

1 The Committee was renamed in April 2020.