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LLC RN-Lubricants

LLC RN-Lubricants is a diversified enterprise, which includes the production of more than 1000 types of lubricants for various purposes, packing in plastic containers of 1 liter, 4 liters, 5 liters, 20 liters, 216.5-liter Euro barrels and 1000-liter containers, as well as in-house production of plastic cans of various volumes.

The maximum capacity of commercial oils mixing plants depending on the specific production program and uniformity of shipment of finished products is up to 72 thousand tons per month. The maximum capacity of commercial oils packaging plants is more than 10 thousand tons per month.

Most of the lubricants are produced according to own specifications and standards of organizations, developed by technical experts with the participation of an accredited oil product testing laboratory and a research laboratory for the development of products equipped with modern high-precision laboratory equipment. New types of oils are developed with the participation and approval of major Russian enterprises producing engines and vehicles: PJSC AVTOVAZ, PJSC KAMAZ, PJSC Avtodiesel (YaMZ), etc and leading research institutes of OJSC VTI, OJSC VNIIINP.

Range of products:

  • Universal motor oils for engines of groups V, V2,  G2, G2k, G2CS, D;
  • Motor oils Rosneft Magnum Ultratec FE 5W-30 (ILSAC GF-5), Rosneft Magnum Ultratec A3 5W-40 (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Ultratec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Coldtec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Runtec (API SN/CF), Rosneft Magnum Maxtec (API SL/CF), Rosneft Magnum      Cleantec (API SJ/CF), Rosneft Maximum (API SG/CD), Rosneft Standart (API SF/CC), Rosneft Sahara (API SC/CA), Rosneft Revolux D5 (API CJ-4/SM), Rosneft Revolux D4 (API CI-4), Rosneft Revolux D3 (API CI-4/SL), Rosneft Revolux D2 Plus (API CH-4/SJ) Rosneft Revolux D2 (API CG-4/SJ), Rosneft Revolux D1 (API CF-4/SG), Rosneft Diesel 3 (API CI-4/SL), Rosneft Diesel 2 (API CH-4/SJ), Rosneft Diesel 1 (API CF-4), Rosneft Diesel Motor (API CD), Rosneft Revolux GEO (API CF) for gas-fired oils for two-stroke gasoline engines Rosneft MOTO 2T, etc.;
  • Rosneft Express washing fluid;
  • Transmission oils: Rosneft Kinetic ATF Type T-IV, Rosneft Kinetic ATF III Synt, Rosneft Kinetic ATF III, Rosneft Kinetic ATF IID, Rosneft Kinetic UN (API GL-4/5), Rosneft Kinetic Hypoid (API GL-5), Rosneft Kinetic MT (API GL-4), Rosneft Kinetic Catran, Rosneft Kinetic UTTO 10W-30, and others;
  • And also a wide range of hydraulic, compressor, turbine oils, industrial general purpose oils and lubricating and cooling fluids.

The quality of oils for modern cars and commercial vehicles under the trademarks Magnum and Revolux is confirmed by the leading manufacturers of automotive equipment: Porsche, Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Cummins, GAZ, KAMAZ, AVTOVAZ, etc., who approved the use of these oils on their cars and commercial vehicles.

The high quality of our products is the result of the work of a cohesive team of professionals, constantly working to improve the quality of products and increase production efficiency.

The implementation of an end-to-end quality control system in the production of oils at all stages - from the supply of base oils and additives to the receipt of a commercial product, packaging and shipment to consumers - guaranteeing the high quality of the products.

A quality management system has been introduced in RN-Smazochniye Materialy LLC, the effectiveness of which is continuously improving in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. 

The company is implementing a program of technical re-equipment to improve the quality of finished products that meet the growing demands of modern equipment manufacturers.

 RN-Smazochniye Materialy LLC sells a complete range of oils, lubricants, special fluids from the plants of NK Rosneft: ANKhK JSC, NZMP LLC, PJSC NK Rosneft - Moscow Nefteprodukt Plant, Bashneft-Novoil, a branch of ANK Bashneft PJSC.

The products are delivered to Russia, to the countries of the Customs Union, Europe, Asia, Africa.