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Moscow Nefteproduct Refinery

Rosneft - Moscow Nefteproduct Refinery has been a subsidiary of Rosneft since its foundation.

Rosneft - Moscow Nefteproduct Refinery was established on the basis of the Moscow Pilot Plant of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oil and Gas, which emerged in 1968 as a result of the merger of the Moscow Pilot Plant of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oil and Gas and the Neftegaz plant, built in 1931 on military assignment. For heroic labour during WWII, the plant staff was awarded the flag of the State Defence Committee for everlasting keeping.

The company produces a wide range of lubricants, protective and conservation materials for aviation, space rocket, automotive, tractor and armored vehicles, instrumentation and power engineering, including:

  • general use lubricants (LITOL-24, SHRUS-4, CYATIM-201, CYATIM-208, graphite USSA);
  • multifunctional lubricants Plastex Lithium (EP 00, EP 0, EP 1, EP 2, EP 3);
  • aviation lubricants (Atlanta, PFMS-4s, Sapphire, SEDA, ERA, NK-50);
  • heat-resistant lubricants (VNII NP-501); SCS (complex sulfonate)
  • burn-in paste (VNIINP-225, VNIINP-232);
  • instrument lubricants (VNIINP-260, VNIINP-273, VNIINP-293, Orbita, Saturn)
  • marine lubricants (AMS-1, AMS-3);
  • electrocontact lubricants (Elektra-1, SVEM, VNIINP-242);
  • thread seal lubricants (Resolution, Lubricant for gas taps);
  • conservation lubricants (liquid NG-213, PINS NG-222 AF, protective composition MOVITIN).
  • aviation oils (NGZh-5u, VO-12, VT-301, VNII NP-50-1-4u, AMG-10, LZ-240);
  • instrument oils (VNII NP-6, VNII NP-408);
  • industrial oils (VNII NP-403);
  • Motor and transmission oils (Oil M-6z/12G1, Oil M-6z/14DM, Oil M-14DM, Oil M-10G2(km), Oil M-14G2(km), Oil M-3z/14G p/sint, M-14G2k, M-5z/16D2, M-20B2CM, M-20G2, M-14G2CS, M-16G2CS, M-16G2CS, M-16DR, M-16IHP-3, TM-5-18, TSp-15K, Tap-15B, M-6z/10B, M-10DTsL20, M-14DTsL20, M-14DTsL30, M-16E30 and others.);
  • additives DAT, FAD (antioxidant), VSP (anti-corrosion), PBMA      (thickening);
  • other lubricants, oils and liquids on request.

The company has a system of acceptance of products by the military mission of the 9th Military District of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Contact information:

Legal name: Rosneft - Moscow Nefteproduct Refinery
General Director Evstafiev Alexey Yurievich
Legal address: 105118, Moscow, Entuziastov highway, 40
Secretary: tel/fax: +7 (495) 673-27-05 / +7 (495)
Distribution  Department: tel/fax: +7 (495) 796-97-78 / +7 (495) 796-97-79
HR Department: tel: +7 (495) 673-50-72

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