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Oil production - JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company

JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company (APCC) produces 103 items of marketable products (including grades and brands).

Currently, the following types of products are produced:


  • Motor oils for diesel engines and universal ones of groups B, B2, G2, G2k, G2TS, D, DCL and E;
  • Universal motor oils of Rosneft brand, meeting the requirements of API and ACEA for performance properties
  • Transmission oils TSp-15K, and for cars: Rosneft Kinetic GL-4 SAE 80W-85 and GL-5 SAE 75W-90, SAE 80W-90, SAE 85W-90
  • Washing oil pH Express
  • General use industrial oils and alloyed IGP, IGS(e), of RN Hydraulic brand
  • Base oils Rosneft Basic grade 150N, 250N, 450N, 650N, 1200N and 100 BS.
  • Transformer oil GK;
  • Hydraulic oils MG-15-V, MGE-46V, MG-32V (grade A hydraulic oil);
  • Turbine oils Tp-22S, Tp-30;
  • Compressor oil KS-19p;

Special petroleum products: slack wax, lighting kerosene KO-20.

Since 2005 JSC APCC has taken part in the prestigious Russian competition of the Program 100 Best Russian Made Goods on an annual basis. 64 products (31 oils) produced by JSC APCC have been marked with gold and silver logos of the Program. In 2014, the winner of the competition was GK transformer hydrocracking oil, silver logo and the title of the Diploma winner of the competition went to Rosneft Maximum universal motor oils of  brands SAE 5W-40 API SL/CF, SAE 10W-40 API SL/SF, motor oils for diesel engines brands M-14DCL20, M-14DCL30, M-16E30, transmission oils Rosneft Kinetic GL-5 brands SAE 75W-90, TM-5-18; SAE 80W-90, TM-5-18; SAE 85W-90, TM-5-18, Hydraulic oil of MG-15-B class I, MG-15-B class II.

In 2014, the implementation of the high-quality oil development programme continued at JSC APCC oil production facilities.

n 2014, JSC APCC began producing Rosneft Hydraulic HLP 32, 46, 68 industrial oils; Hydraulic all-season hydraulic oils Rosneft Hydraulic Winter 22, HVLP 32, HVLP 46", Motor oil for diesel engines Rosneft Revolux D2 SAE 10W-40 CG-4, CF/SJ, SAE 15W-40 CG-4, CF/SJ, Rosneft Motor Oil Revolux D2 Ultra SAE 10W-40 CH-4/SJ, SAE 15W-40 CH-4/SJ, Rosneft Motor Oil Revolux D3 SAE 5W-40 CI-4, CF/SL, SAE 10W-40 CI-4, CF/SL, SAE 15W-40 CI-4, CF/SL.

JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company developed, implemented and operates an Integrated Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System (IMS) that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 29001:2010, and OHSAS 18001:2007. Area of certification: Development and production of petroleum products and petrochemicals. The IMS of JSC APCC was certified in 2007 by Bureau Veritas Certification (valid certificates No. RU227876Q-U, RU227876E-U, RU227876H-U, RU227876EN).

In February 2014, APCC produced a millionth ton of GC transformer oil required for the operation of power equipment in the power industry. High demand for GK oil is proved by a 30-year history of production and operation. The anniversary batch of high quality product is packed in barrels with special marking.

The international conformity assessment body TUV (Austria) confirmed the unique properties of transformer oil.  JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company received a certificate for the product in accordance with the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60296:2012 standard. The document confirms the high quality of the Angara oil refining product and will allow it to expand its presence in the international energy oil market.

The plant developed a system of multistage quality control at each stage of the product life cycle: more than 220 thousand analyses per year. Quality control of all products is carried out on modern imported and domestic equipment, which ensures the accuracy of analysis, does not allow the production and shipment of non-standard products to the consumer.

In 2018, the JSC APCC oil plant produced about 238 thousand tons of commercial oils.

Contact information

Legal name: JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company 
General Director Pavlov Igor Vladimirovich 
Address: 665830, Irkutsk Region, Angarsk 
Tel: +7 (3955) 578-404 
Fax: +7 (3955) 57-70-02 

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