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Ryazan Oil Refining Company Joint Stock Company (JSC RORC) ensures the Company's presence in the Central Federal District and is the largest oil refinery in the region.

The design capacity of the company is 17.1 million tons of oil per year.

Ryazan Oil Refinery's production facilities include 4 crude oil processing units, a vacuum gasoil hydrotreatment unit, a hydrogen production unit, a sulphuric acid alkylation unit, a catalytic cracking unit, a tar visbreaking unit and a catalytic reforming unit, aromatic reforming unit, diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, aviation kerosene hydrotreating unit, low-temperature isomerization unit, gas fractionation unit, bitumen production unit, sulphuric acid production unit, etc.

JSC RORC produces a wide range of high quality petroleum products: AI-92, AI-95 motor gasoline, diesel fuel corresponding to environmental class K5, jet fuel, marine fuels, road, roofing and construction bitumen and other petroleum products.

Mixed crude oil is delivered to refineries via the main oil pipeline, and petroleum products are shipped by rail, pipeline and motor transport.

The first automobile gasoline at the Ryazan refinery (as was the name of the enterprise until July 2002) was received on October 19, 1960. This day is considered the birthday of
the plant.

Today, JSC RORC is one of the leaders in the Russian oil refining industry. JSC RORC confirms its high standards due to the continuous improvement of its activities taking into account the requirements of international ISO standards.

In 2018, the main investments were directed to the implementation of operational efficiency improvement projects, as well as to the implementation of design works under the investment projects for the modernization of the enterprise.

JSC RORC organized the issue of motor gasoline with improved environmental and operational properties of AI-95-K5 Euro-6 according to STO 44905015-006-2017 and motor gasoline AI-100-K5 according to STO 44905015-005-2017.