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Rosneft Council of Retired Employees - the War and Labor Veterans

In 1985, there were ca. 700 seasoned professionals in the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR who have retired on an old-age pension. Honored industry veterans needed an organization which would protect their rights, ensuring a well-deserved public position, social, economic and other legitimate interests. Among the initiators to set up such an organization which was named the Council of Retired Employees - the War and Labor Veterans, were well-known oil workers G.G. Kremennoy, G.P. Girbasov, T.F. Council. The creation of the Council was actively supported by the USSR oil industry minister, participant of the Great Patriotic War, hero of socialist labor V.A. Dinkov. Other highly respected in the sector specialists also took part in the formation and subsequent activities of the Council.

In October 1985, the Council was institutionalized by engineers of the USSR Ministry of Oil Industry at their meeting. The most active retirees who were able to work without seeking a profit and full of initiative, take a close look at the needs of senior citizens and stand them by have been voted into the new organization. In order to perform day-to-day operational activities, the executive committee of the Council and persons authorized to work with the veterans from each specific unit were elected. Weekly attendance of the executive committee members was arranged aiming to hold conversations with veterans, provide consultations on various issues, consider their requests and complaints. Issues related to health care services were also settled thanks to arrangements for veterans enabling them to take outpatient treatment at polyclinics in Moscow, cultural entertainment, trips to Cities of Military Glory and other historical sites have been arranged.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, social support to retired oil industry workers has become indispensable, especially due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and establishment of new corporate companies. Particularly during that period the Council of Veterans of the Soviet Ministry of Oil Industry was reorganized into the Council of the war and labor veterans of Rosneftegaz Corporation, than of Rosneft State Enterprise, and finally of Rosneft Oil Company.

In 1988, a hereditary oil worker T.F. Rustambekov was elected as Chairman of the Council.

Acting as a permanent chairman of the Veterans' Council over a span of 20 years he managed to open its current account with a bank to accumulate the funds so that the pensioners of the veterans' organization began to receive financial aid from the newly established endowment, while the Council of Veterans has gained a legal entity status registered by the Ministry of Justice of the RF.

At present, the Regional public interest organization Rosneft Council of Retired Employees - the War and Labor Veterans is a voluntary self-governing nonprofit association of retirees who have previously worked in head offices of the Soviet Ministry of Oil Industry, Soviet Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry, Rosneft State Enterprise and Rosneft Oil Company. The main goals of the organization include protection of the veterans' rights and legitimate interests, ensuring conditions for their adequate standing in the society, as well as assertion of their socio-economic, labor, property, personal and other rights, aiming to improve material wellbeing, and provision of medical, health-related, non-material and cultural services. Guided by these goals, the Council implements programs aimed at providing material assistance, medical and social protection to retirees, the Council attracts veterans to participate in the patriotic education of schoolchildren and young employees, passing on to them the best traditions of the oil industry. Museum and archives activities are under way, exposition collections are being set up and replenished, reflecting the development history of the sector. The Council is organizing leisure activities of veterans, particularly via creating special interest clubs, conducting evening parties, festive and recreational events for veterans and members of their families; it takes part in the proper care of the burial ground for outstanding industry veterans, and takes other actions aiming to immortalize their labor exploits

The Council has launched its publishing activities in 1991. It has started to publish archive materials and memoirs of petroleum industry employees in an annual almanac titled The Veterans. From 2000 onwards, publishing operations are being done in cooperation with professional staff of the magazine "Petroleum Economy" which has recently turned 90. In 1996, 1998, and 2005, the Council prepared and published three books under the title "Petroleum Industry Professionals", a reference book on distinguished specialists of the sector. An important impact on that publication had the veterans of the opil industry N.M. Eronin and V.D. Baranovsky.

In accordance with the charter adopted in 2011, the members of the Veterans ' Council can be non-working retirees, former employees of the Rosneft HQ, who have at least 10 years of work experience in Rosneft HQ. Many members of the Council bear sonorous titles of Honored employees of the oil and gas industry of the USSR (or the Russian Federation), Honored economist, Honored environmental specialist, Emeritus builder, Labor veteran, as well as the highest industry-specific titles: Honorable Worker of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Honorable Worker of Mintopenergo (Ministry for Fuel and Energy), Honorable Oil Worker: The present Bureau of the Veterans' Council, when carrying on traditions established in the Soviet times, provides all possible assistance to retired oil workers relying on support from such activists as A.I. Ivankin, L.A. Ivanisko, V.D. Baranovsky, N.M. Eronin, K.S. Kubasov, R.N. Polyakova, A.L. Saltykov, L. A. Momotova, E.V. Golubeva, G.A. Angelova, N. V. Kunanbayeva, E. Kh. Vekilova, R.G. Shakirzyanova and some others.

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